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Formwork & Foundation

The foundation of a building is the part of the structure that connects the soil to the building and transfers the load to ground safely. Formwork construction material varies on project

Flat Work

For commercial and residential projects, steel flatwork concrete forms are commonly used by concrete contractors. These are commonly used for various applications.


Formwork made of reinforced concrete is commonly used for various applications, such as walls, floors, and roofs. It is made with a combination of rigid thermal insulation and structural steel.


A full basement waterproofing system can be applied to prevent water from entering a building. There are various types of systems that can be used, but most start with a spray-on elastomeric coating.


For new construction projects, such as foundations, Dampproofing is a coating of asphalt-based sprayed on the surface outside the wall. It helps to keep the soil moisture damp in the structure.


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AJF FORMING LTD is your premier choice when it comes to concrete forming with a combined experience of over 20 years, our staff members are knowledgeable about the various services that we offer. We are dedicated to keeping our customers’ expectations and budgets in mind. We are constantly pushing the envelope and presenting our customers with the latest trends in the industry. We stand by our promise to continue exceeding their expectations and provide them with the best services.

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Any type of concrete work, residential or commercial have us handle the work. Through years of experience, we are able to offer only the highest quality concrete work. At AJF, we specialize in all types of concrete work, from creating stunning concrete patios to crafting your residential concrete foundation and basement.

We have a team of experienced professionals who can handle any kind of concrete project, big or small. We are committed to providing high-quality workmanship that stands the test of time. We use only the best materials and the latest technology to ensure that every concrete project looks great and lasts for years to come. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can rest assured that your project will be done right the first time.

Go for Quality & Save Repair Costs

Many Concrete projects need repair these days. Be it cracks or even houses that have settled. But did you know that if the work is done properly, concrete can have a lifespan of up to 150 years.

Apart from the fact that it can even be dangerous, for example, if the foundation cracks, it can lead to serious structural damage to the building and may require expensive repairs. Additionally, it can cause long-term damage to the building if not addressed, such as a damp basement or weakened walls.

By investing in professional concrete work, you will save money and nerves in the future, in addition to avoiding possible risks. Getting a professional for your project will help you prevent any potential problems before they become expensive repairs, and ensure your building is safe and structurally sound.

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